Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It has been awhile since I have posted, so todays post it a Mega Post! A lot has happened. For starters The wit is in the secondary, and has about another week before I keg/bottle it. It was a six gallon batch so I'm planing on kegging five and bottle conditioning the other gallon. The color is nice and light, almost as light as a pilsner but a little bit darker. It smells peppery and taste nice and dry. The final gravity was 1.008! I'm extremely excited about this beer and can't wait to drink it. The Citra IPA is now officially kegged and is currently carbonating. Should be ready to drink by this weekend!

Brewed my next beer today as well. A Red RyePA called "Rye-O-Rye Red. The brew day went smooth and I hit my gravity spot on(1.065)! I used WLP051 California V for the yeast this time. I heard it was good, and rumor has it that its the same yeast that most West Coast Breweries use. Here are some random pics of the brew day and kegging the IPA.

 Cool Picture of the Grains!


1st runnings

Foggy Hot break. Best one yet.

Kegging the Citra IPA

The weeks ahead hold some awesome happenings. This Thursday I'm going to try and attend a Lagunitas Beer event at Surf Taco, which is an awesome taco place with a bar that has a lot of good beers! Friday, even though its my day off, I'm heading to The Brewer's Apprentice for an Open House/Beer Tasting. We will be releasing three new beers to our line up: A Belgian Golden Ale, Scottish Wee Heavy, and an English Nut Brown(which I made!). Friday April 1st, I will be in Sin City number two aka Atlantic City, for the Celebration Of The Suds! This year I plan on bringing my camera and flip video to document every beer that I try. Stay tuned for all of that!
Until next brew...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dry Hoppin...

Citra IPA is done fermenting, the Wit is STILL going! Its been almost 2 weeks. So today I racked it onto 2oz. of whole leaf Simcoe hops. Man did it smell good!

Final Gravity: 1.012

2.04oz. Whole Leaf Simcoe

Inside the Fermenter!

Racking Away.

Lookin and smellin good!


Lavender Mead

Made a one gallon test batch of Lavender Blueberry Mead, I wanna test the amount of lavender that I would put into it. I'm hoping this wouldn't come out to floral and perfume like.
3# Blueberry Honey, Acid Blend / Yeast Nutrient, .20oz Lavender Flowers

Original Gravity 1.110!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Nice Rack!

Racked the Deez Nuts Brown Ale into a keg today, was hoping either the Wit or IPA would have been done fermenting so I could rack those to a secondary. Looks like I'm going to have to wait till after the weekend and do them both on Tuesday.
Racking into the Keg.

Now for some random pictures of beer and my keg-orator!
Three Taps of Home Brewed Goodness.

Beer & Brewing sticker collection.

Taps and AHA stickers.

Drinking an English Mild / Bitter.