Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's that you got growing there son?

Its HOPS sir! Yes thats right, it spring again and time for the hops to start rising from their beds. Mine are very anxious to grow up.
Third year Sunbeam Golding(Ornamental)

First Year Willamette!

First Year Nugget


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebration of the Suds (The Pictures) Part 3

Another shot of the Fest

Cape Ann's sweet VW Bus!

These guys were cool to talk to.

Mmm Ten Fidy

Just as we walked up to Troegs
they were tapping Nugget Nectar!

Lancaster Brewing

Free Stickers!!!

I would have taken more pictures, but after two hours of "sampling" I decided to put the camera away and to enjoy myself. Overall it was a great time and I'm definitely going to attend the 7th Celebration of the Suds! 
So until next beer....


Celebration of the Suds (The Pictures) Part 2

The Fest in full swing.

Avery White Rascal Wit

North Coast makers of Old Rasputin &
Brother Thelonious!

21st Amendment & Four +

21st's Brew Free or Die IPA &
Back in Black(Cascadian Dark Ale)

Four + Brewing. Great beers and Lables.

Unibroue's Cool display

Allagash White is always a good beer.

Another Maine staple, Gritty's Vacation Land is
a great summer ale!

Gotta love Lagunitas!

Me with the Giant Shiner Bock Bottle


Celebration of the Suds (The Pictures)

First in line, looking back at everyone!

It was Shiner Bocks NJ debut!

I would love this Neon.

Not a fan of Sam Adams, but this beer wasn't bad.

This beer was about 10%, and very viscus.

The Rep from Great Lakes was one 
of the most informative people I spoke to.

Mmm... pitchers of beer!

Southampton makes one of the best Belgian Wits on the
market. (Double Wit)

Good old Long Trail!

Harpoon was the 1st brewery in Boston! Not that other guy.

Harpoon IPA

BreckenRidge's rep was an awesome guy, we talked
about the yeast that they used in their Agave Wheat.

So Good!

Full Sail (Hood, Oregan)
Session Black is the best!


2011 Celebration Of The Suds

Attended the 6th annual Celebration Of the Suds in Atlantic City the first weekend of April. There were almost 75 breweries there with over 100 different beers. We started the day early and headed down to AC around noon. The first place we hit was The Trinity Irish Pub in the Piers at Caesars. They had all NJ Breweries beers on Tap in honor of the Beer Fest. There was Flying Fish, Cricket Hill, Boaks, NJ Beer Co., and River Horse. I indulged in a Flying Fish ESB.

After pre-gaming a little bit, we then headed over to the Convention center to get a early start on the line. Sure enough my mission was accomplished, I was 1st in line for the 6th annual ACBeerfest!

This years Logo

Once inside there was a lot of drinking and conversing with reps and brewers, along with lots of picture taking. The Next  post will consist of  those photos and descriptions.


The Three Amigos

I currently have three beers on tap right now; Deez Nutz Brown Ale, Citra IPA, & Feelin' Witty Belgian White Ale. Here is a picture of all three in sample glasses.

Here is a picture of the Wit in a nice Belgian tulip glass:

Great Head!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holy Hop Rhizome Batman!

Got my hop Rhizomes for this year. I went with two Nugget, since I had success with that variety my first year. Also I got one Willamette, was going to get more then I saw the biggest rhizome I've ever seen in my life.
Willamette Monster!

The Nugget Rhizomes weren't as big.

The two for comparison.

I'm planning on starting them in planter boxes for this year, then I will transplant them next year. I also am going to document the hop bines growth.