Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebration of the Suds (The Pictures)

First in line, looking back at everyone!

It was Shiner Bocks NJ debut!

I would love this Neon.

Not a fan of Sam Adams, but this beer wasn't bad.

This beer was about 10%, and very viscus.

The Rep from Great Lakes was one 
of the most informative people I spoke to.

Mmm... pitchers of beer!

Southampton makes one of the best Belgian Wits on the
market. (Double Wit)

Good old Long Trail!

Harpoon was the 1st brewery in Boston! Not that other guy.

Harpoon IPA

BreckenRidge's rep was an awesome guy, we talked
about the yeast that they used in their Agave Wheat.

So Good!

Full Sail (Hood, Oregan)
Session Black is the best!


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